You want to be an iconic leader right? Yes, I know you so direly want to be. You want to be that leader that everyone loves, the leader with the new ideas, the leader that is making headway in everything he sets forth to do, the leader that is accomplishing the will of God in his calling, that fantastic leader. This all sounds nice, right? Ok so let me give you a shocker. It will never be easy! Or worse still, you might not be that leader.

Don’t be dismayed, but it’s the truth. All the icons both in the Bible and the secular world which we have all heard about or known never found it easy. No not one. They have all at most times of the careers had to deal with one thing or the other, so do not think that by just taken up the God-given leadership mantle you would have a clear sail unto destiny.

The uniqueness of your gifts would make it difficult, it would make people stand up to you. You would be mostly opposed in everything. You won’t just go Scott-free. But you know what? With the knowledge of what to do and the ability to endure, you will make it.

The book EIKONIC LEADERSHIP highlight some of the troubles faced when going into leadership in ministry and how it was overcome. Though this might not be applicable to everyone but nuggets of knowledge on how to go about navigating whatever struggle you find yourself in for whatever sphere of leadership is priceless. There are real-life experiences of the author and other iconic leaders who have faced struggles and how they overcame them.

Ok here is one nugget that was shared in the group which could help when you find yourself struggling either in ministry or the marketplace. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH FRIENDS AND MENTORS IN THAT FIELD. Yes, find as many people that are in the same ministry as you are in (people iconic that think as you do) and  make them your friends.chances are that a few of them would have undergone the stress and struggle you are facing right now and would have some advice to give you on how to navigate the tough terrain. Such advice is priceless.

The EIKONIC LEADERSHIP books give a whole lot of insight into the lives of people and the struggles they faced in their journey to purpose. It also explains what steps to take on different types of struggles encountered. This is a must read if you want to hit that mark for which you were created. The book can be gotten on Amazon.  The study EIKONIC LEADERSHIP study guide is also a quick go to for daily motivational and prayers to help you through the process of becoming an iconic leader

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