Eikonic Leadership


There is a generation of leaders and progressive thinkers that are roaming this earth searching for someone who will give them permission to live beyond the barriers of the box…
There is an army of pioneering leaders who have searched high and low for a model, type and template that speaks to the uniquely wired leader that is waiting to be released from their hearts…

There are leaders who are anxiously sitting on the sidelines of purpose, hoping and waiting that someone will come along to launch them into the unique greatness that they sense is associated with their life…

Perhaps you are reading this, and saying to yourself, THAT’S ME!!!

I am the leader seeking permission to break the barriers. You are saying I am the one who is searching for a template, and I am certainly hoping that someone will come along and catapult me into the purpose that is assigned to my life.

If in fact that is you, you in the right place, at the right time, reading the right book.
Here are a few things you will discover :

What happens when this type of leader emerges and is met with negative perception or great misunderstanding; not only by others, but within themselves?

How to deal with the laundry list of challenges you’ll inevitably face, without giving up and rejecting your divinely designed role.

My desire is that you will receive information, validation, affirmation and confirmation within these pages. What is more important to me is not the discovery process, but that you would find the courage to take massive action, as you pioneer a new and unchartered course to greatness as an Iconic Leader.

Greatness is in you, and you are on the journey to unlock that greatness.

It is time to become an Iconic Leader.


Eikonic Leadership


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