Better Together Affirmations

Affirmations and declarations are positive statements that you can use to remove negativity and harmful self-talk so that you can overcome the various things that weigh you down.

When we do repetitive exercises our physical muscles get stronger and can endure more. Our mind is the same way except it is more powerful than we often want to admit.

Using these powerful affirmations to Claim the promises of the Lord will allow you to rise above the negativity and chaos that the enemy throws at you on a daily basis while affirming who you are in Christ.

As women, we know that we will face things that only other women will understand. Using these affirmations will remind you that we need to stand tall together, edify one another and be that beacon set on a hill for our sisters.

God is not limited by our nearsited beliefs and as women, there is “enough” in this world for all of us to be successful in the path He has designed for us while allowing us to lift up our sister and help her on her journey as well.

Post these Declaration Affirmations in your planner, in your Bible and other places so you’ll see them often.

Listen to some or all of them daily for best results


Better Together Affirmations

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