Affirmations – Purity

Sample Voice Affirmation

Affirmations and declarations are positive statements that you can use to remove negativity and harmful self-talk so that you can overcome the various things that weigh you down.

When we do repetitive exercises our physical muscles get stronger and can endure more. Our mind is the same way except it is more powerful than we often want to admit.

Using these powerful affirmations to Claim the promises of the Lord will allow you to rise above the negativity and chaos that the enemy throws at you on a daily basis while affirming who you are in Christ.

In a world where purity isn’t a gift that is cherished, these affirmations will remind you of the importance of keeping yourself whole and pure while you are walking in the power of the Lord each day.

These affirmations will help you to draw near to the Lord and help you claim victory over the negativity this world has where sexual purity is concerned.

Remind your heart that you are called to be Holy, you are called to protect your God given temple and strengthen your desire to fulfill God’s will for your life.


Affirmations – Purity

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