Have you ever sat down and wondered what exactly it is you were brought into this world to accomplish. Have you looked at your friends and they seem to be doing better than you? Or better still are your peers doing what they enjoy and you can’t seem to fathom why you cannot just make much sense out of what you do? Have you tried to fit in but still can’t understand why it’s not possible because it seems you are just very different from everybody?
Then you have to get back on track. You have to understand that you are unique for a purpose and that for you to achieve that which God has placed you on planet earth for, you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to do what every other person isn’t doing to achieve your purpose. I know you must have heard this from quite a number of motivational speakers and preachers, but I assure you this is entirely different from what you have heard or read.
Every leadership model, test, training, etc., claim to have all the answers to the manifold challenges of leadership. Each perspective emphasizes certain qualities, and we search desperately for answers in the absence of clear direction. But the truth is that there is no simple leadership formula which meets every need we have in ministry, marketplace, or life mentorship experiences” (excerpt from the book).
The book will lay it all bare so that you’d have a good understanding of yourself as a unique being and how to work with that fact, rather than giving you a laundry list of steps other people took that might not even work for you.
The book EIKONIC LEADERSHIP takes you through a complete profile of your unique nature as God has designed you. It then goes on to explain why you are that way and the most important obstacles that you would face in your journey to purpose. Now obstacles to face are crucial points most speakers do not bother on but you would get a complete rundown all encased in this book. However, finding and keeping love as an iconic leader in both church and the marketplace can be quite a dicey one but the book addresses the issue in a concise and direct manner.
EIKONIC LEADERSHIP explains in details what qualities you need to cultivate to separate you from the ordinary. These traits mold the reason of an iconic leader and help them achieve their goals in a quicker time. Have you heard about combining risk-taking and the multi-dimensional trait to achieve complex goals? Don’t worry the book covers it.

EIKONIC LEADERSHIP is not only designed for people in ministry, as it is laced with real-life experiences of the author- Ansonya Burke and people she has coached to become great forces in the business world and various other fields. The tell-tale reviews of the book on her website ansonyaburke.com is enough reason for you to pick a copy of the book and sign up for her mentoring and life coaching sessions.

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