Being a force to reckon with as an iconic leader in ministry requires that you possess some qualities that would forge you into the formidable character that is required to lead. Leaders need to condition themselves for the role of leadership and in conditioning themselves, they have to build some characters that are worth the position of a leader. These characters are what forms the qualities that help them achieve their calling in their place of leadership.
The qualities outlined in the EIKONIC LEADERSHIP are the rarest of the qualities ever seen in any leadership book. They are qualities that your regular book or motivational speaker would not dare mention. We would just take a look at a very few of them here, but if you want to get the rest of them, you can buy the book on Amazon.


  • RISK TAKER: Yes this is shocking right. But it totally true. A true iconic leader should be a huge risk taker. Being a risk taker doesn’t mean everything should be thrown to the wind and just taking very callous decisions. No. taking risks as a leader means that you have weighed your options and seen that playing safe isn’t going to get you and your followers anywhere. Take the risk to bring a positive change. Do what nobody in your shoes has ever done. Take the risk irrespective of the potential danger that looms. You’d be thankful that you did when it all pans out well.
  • MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: As an iconic leader, you shouldn’t be a one focus person. There should be so many things you are handling at the same time and so many sides to you. You should have something you are doing at all times, hence the need to pick up as many tasks as you can handle and see them through to the end.

For example, if a leader is passionate, resolved, visionary, and willing to take the risks, but doesn’t remain engaged and active all the way to the end of the matter, the followers will become confused, deflated, and uninspired. (excerpt from the book).

True iconic leaders have to be above average and to be above average there has to be a multi-dimensional aspect to you.

  • RESOLUTE: True iconic leaders should have the ability to operate from a fixed place of determination. There should be that innate assurance that secures them when they are making a decision. Not saying that they should be stubborn though, but true leaders who have consulted God before making a decision should be able to stick to their decision no matter the opposing force. They should be able to act on their resolution in spite of all opposition.

These are some of the qualities that an iconic leader is expected to have to guide him to the purpose. To read about the rest of the qualities, you can purchase the book and journal on Amazon. They are a must-read for aspiring leaders.

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