Have you ever heard of a Christian manipulator? Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we have too many pastors who are manipulators in God’s house. In Matthew 7:15 we read: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” This warning explicitly confirms that some pastors are false prophets and great pretenders who will go as far as to garb themselves in the garments of true, spirit-led ministers. As leaders, we are expected to have a spirit of discernment that will allow us, through guidance from God to sniff out these manipulators and “fake” sheep. Here are 5 identifying characteristics of manipulative pastors: 


This is the greek interpretation of the word ‘Iconic’ and what it means is use of the word more likeness of renowned men to GOD and most holy and blessed state of mind.

Another definition is: one in whom the likeness of anyone is seen and its called power of command and absolute excellence.


These are special kind of people that have leadership and mentorship capabilities per excellence.

Selected To Be A Safe Place

Everyone needs somebody that they can be weak in front, a place where they can let their guard down.

In this time and season, people are hurting more than before. The changes in the physical, economic, social and international environments is sending people in a spiral of despair. In times like these leaders need to offer avenues of hope and help for the distressed. As 2 Corinthians 1:4-5 teaches, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.”

5 Signs That You May Be An Eikonic Leader:

1.You’re “okay” with the team dynamic, but you’d much rather work alone, because you trust yourself
2. There are several layers to who you are, but you’d much rather not have attention drawn to how gifted you are
3. You have an EXTREMELY high standard of excellence, especially in the areas of service
5 Signs That You May Be An Eikonic Leader:

The 8 Prayer Watches!

A Prayer Warrior/Intercessor has the awesome task of working as the physical security system of heaven,on earth…sort of like the Coast Guards, or what I like to describe sometimes as, “Spiritual Front-line Workers”. Can you imagine they even have a shift system (Officially, Watch Hours) and a base?! Of course, their activities take place in the spiritual realm mostly, so the only thing physical about their work is the workers themselves and the manifestation of their obedience, through prayers of intercession, supplication, and a lot of times, declarations. 

5 Identifying markers of an Eikonic Leader

Leadership is not a position. It is a calling to a higher purpose that involves mobilizing others through influence. An iconic leader knows and understands this. As a leader led by God, an Iconic leader understands the great responsibility they find themselves with and do not take it for granted.


We accept that Eikonic Leaders/Disruptors are not the easiest to work with, but we need others. Our default mode may be “lone wolf”, but we need safe places where we can learn and grow and we need a team to help us fulfil the dream.


Leadership in not an easy calling, but leaders can still be happy while they lead. Yes, to be honest happy leaders are more effective leaders. So preachers, ministers, kingdom leaders, to access the happiness potion, you MUST make time for the following:


It was not Joseph’s fault that he was distinctly set apart with a uniquely designed coat (mantle). He did not ask to receive this distinction. It was just given to him by His Father. He faced violence, envy, angry and hatred of such intensity that one can only imagine. Even Joseph himself did not understand that power and potential that rested in him. 


Have you ever been afraid? Not just afraid, but paralyzed by fear? As Eikonic leaders, you will have these moments. As you process your vision for the people and you foresee the tumultuous effect that it will have on the current environment, you begin to second guess yourself. You begin to question your innovation and justify maintaining the status quo because you have no safe place to experiment. 


Personal development in the life of a leader is immensely valuable, but unfortunately most leaders are too time-poor to invest in themselves. And the results are telling. Overtime, leaders who ignore the opportunity to take positive steps toward improving their knowledge and skills become stagnant and archaic in their thoughts and techniques. This condition in turn frustrates those they lead, and impedes productivity and progress in all areas. 


Everyone wants to be different, or so it seems. But when you get down to the crux of the matter, everyone is busy trying to be someone else, leaving the slot for the “different you,” vacant. Leaders, you were made to be different. You are unique. So yes, it is awesome that you do not look like, think like or even do things the same way as everyone else. You have to embrace this uniqueness in order to be the Eikonic leader that you are called to be. In Psalms 139:13, we read in awe that “God formed my inward parts and knitted me together in mother’s womb.”


Have you ever sat down and wondered what exactly it is you were brought into this world to accomplish. Have you looked at your friends and they seem to be doing better than you? Or better still are your peers doing what they enjoy and you can’t seem to fathom why you cannot just make much sense out of what you do? Have you tried to fit in but still can’t understand why it’s not possible because it seems you are just very different from everybody?


You want to be an iconic leader right? Yes, I know you so direly want to be. You want to be that leader that everyone loves, the leader with the new ideas, the leader that is making headway in everything he sets forth to do, the leader that is accomplishing the will of God in his calling, that fantastic leader. This all sounds nice, right? Ok so let me give you a shocker. It will never be easy! Or worse still, you might not be that leader.


Being a force to reckon with as an iconic leader in ministry requires that you possess some qualities that would forge you into the formidable character that is required to lead. Leaders need to condition themselves for the role of leadership and in conditioning themselves, they have to build some characters that are worth the position of a leader. These characters are what forms the qualities that help them achieve their calling in their place of leadership.


Affirmations can be defined as positive statements that help us overcome challenges, self-doubts, and negative thoughts. It is very easy to submit to fear and concede when faced with difficult situations or circumstances that are outside of our comfort zone.During these times, we need a bank of positive thoughts that will help us overcome self-sabotaging beliefs and strengthen our resolve to succeed despite the odds.


As Ph.D. candidates, many dread the final project that marks the completion of this phenomenal stage in their life. It is seen as the mammoth hurdle that one must overcome to get to the impressive title, more significant and outstanding job opportunities, academic recognition, and the personal satisfaction that comes with this milestone.


You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.( 2 Timothy 2:3). Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ is mentoring Timothy for the sake of ushering him into ministry. He has the experience of being a minister of the gospel and as an Apostle and knows exactly what he has passed through being an Apostle. Apostle Paul had gone through a lot in this work of ministry. He had received forty stripes minus one from his own Jewish people, three times he was beaten with rods, once he was stoned, three times he was shipwrecked.


Just when we thought life was hard, 2020 showed everyone the worse for every bad! Our courage-o-meter dropped to an all-time low, and today most people are living off the reserve!
It’s never been so easy to stay anonymous and blend in with the shadows
By this, I mean the recent events have posed a greater challenge to men and women whose voice every other person is waiting to hear.

6 Signs You May Be an Iconic Leader

As a coach and ministry leader, I have had the opportunity to engage with numerous individuals in leadership positions. For many, they can easily identify with one or more of the various leadership styles – laissez-faire, autocratic, participative, etc. However, there are others who are unable to fit into the mold of any leadership category. Their dynamic and often misunderstood leadership qualities can lead to conflict in the workplace, business, and in ministry. 


To be an Iconic leader, it would be hard for almost all odds not to be against you. Yes, you heard that right, it not going to be a walk in the park. Being an iconic leader means you would be unique, it means you have ideas that challenge the norm, it means you would want to do things differently. That quickly translates into a problem because guess what, people don’t like change. They want to keep doing things the way they have always been doing it. They don’t want to try new things.

Surviving the Pitfalls of an Iconic Relationship

As an iconic leader and professional coach, I help other iconic leaders develop their gifts so that they can have success in the marketplace and ministry. The iconic leader is generally the tower of success in every sphere of his or her life. However, when love and romance are involved, personal relationships can get very complicated with the iconic leader.

The 3 Success Principles of Iconic Leaders

Leadership trends and fads are ever changing. Most leaders find themselves overwhelmed at the pressure and stress they present: will they be able to hold up to people’s expectations of how leaders should react? As a leader in the marketplace, I always tell those I coach to become iconic leaders that they can apply certain long-standing principles to their leadership style in order to gain more focus and find the perfect model of leadership to follow.

How Clarifying Your Vision Makes You a Great Leader

Moving ahead might not always mean attaining a higher level, it may also mean you are going deeper. When God is sending you to a place where there is less oxygen, this path will be dark. This is where you need to let go and be entirely dependent on God to be able to breathe. He will guide you on how to survive this level. Take this challenge, put yourself in His Hands and see how you come out victorious.

How Leaders Cultivate Strength in Times of Isolation

Sometimes things happen that we never expect. Sometimes they bring joy but other times they hurt us in unexpected ways. Don’t let it de-motivate you. Continue on your path to success.

Do not lose focus

In this journey, pay close attention to ‘who’ and ‘what’ is around you. Some people, situations and circumstances will be there to shake you out of your comfort zone. Do not feel threatened.

Leadership’s Most Difficult Task: Getting Aligned

Everyone faces difficult times, but that is where your true test lies. No one faces tests that they are unable to solve. All you need is the right alignment: alignment in goals, alignment in priorities, and alignment of mind, body and soul. It is only after you know what exactly you need, and why you need it can come out victorious.

Read some of the ways I kept myself in check when I felt I was getting astray from my true purpose.

5 Ways to Develop the Spirit of Excellence

Success requires a lot of things and one of the most common misconception about success is that only “talented” individuals get to experience it. The reality could not be more farther from this. While this is not to undermine all the talented people out there, I am speaking to you, the one who feels they are unable to succeed in business or in life in general because they lack the necessary talent. Today I’ll share a little secret about those who reached the pinnacle of success: most of them were not talented.

The Focused Leader: Driven to “The Path”

In every step of your spiritual, professional and personal journey, you will face multiple detours. While each path will tempt you, there will be only ONE, which leads you towards HIS commands. You are skillful and possess the power of knowledge that has allowed you to become resourceful. This is the time to stop getting overwhelmed. Think, innovate, and be inspired. Do not stop thinking out of the box just because you feel it might be impossible.
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