6 Signs You May Be an Iconic Leader

As a coach and ministry leader, I have had the opportunity to engage with numerous individuals in leadership positions. For many, they can easily identify with one or more of the various leadership styles – laissez-faire, autocratic, participative, etc. However, there are others who are unable to fit into the mold of any leadership category. Their dynamic and often misunderstood leadership qualities can lead to conflict in the workplace, business, and in ministry. To others, they don’t fit in, but the reality is they fall within a group of extortionary individuals known as iconic leaders.
Do you think you may fall into this group? Below I share personality qualities that can signal whether you are an iconic leader.

Individualism – Alone in the crowd

We have been taught that it is important to be a team player and that individualism is contrary to productivity. However, if you are an iconic leader, you’re “okay” with the team dynamic, but you’d much rather work alone. The desire to work alone stems from your inability to trust others with important tasks or projects.

Multiple Gifts and Talents

A jack of all trades and master of all may best describe the iconic leader. There are several layers to who you are and you possess a cornucopia of gifts, making it difficult to be limited in what you can achieve. But the iconic leader is not pompous about his or her gifts and prefers to divert attention away from their giftedness.

High Standard of Excellence

A sure sign that you may be an iconic leader is that you have an EXTREMELY high standard of excellence. This is particularly self-evident in the areas of service. For the iconic leader, excellence is not just the desired results when carrying out a task, it is a way of life.

Misunderstood Personality

Because the iconic leader does not fit into the standard mold, their strong personality is mistaken for arrogance. But the iconic leader is far from being cocky. The demand for a high standard of excellence, coupled with your multiple gifts may leave others very uncomfortable.

Direct Personality

The iconic leader possesses a low tolerance for passive aggressive behavior. Mind games and long-winded approaches will not find favor with you if you are an iconic leader. This is because the iconic leader is very direct and to the point.

Leader of Urgency

Procrastination has no room to grow with the iconic leader. If you consider yourself to be a person of urgency and others find it hard to keep up with you, chances are you’re an iconic leader. You want things to be done now and will display a high level of impatience when projects or tasks are delayed.
The world is designed so that some of us will lead and others will follow. But even among those who lead, there is a group of leaders who stand out from the rest and are iconic in all that they do. If you can identify with most of the signs I have shared in this blog, then you are an iconic leader. It is time to embrace your leadership style with confidence and seek the services of a coach who can help you achieve your iconic goals.

Author: Ansonya Burke is a coach, speaker, and leadership consultant. She is also the author of the book “Iconic Leadership”

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